Letitica Horsey - Law Clerk

Letitica is studying a Bachelor of Laws with the University
of Southern Queensland and works part-time at the firm as a Law Clerk. Letitica
is passionate about Family Law and has excelled with high grades in Family Law
and Child Protection. Letitica has a keen interest in Company, Family, and
Immigration law. She intends to bring her knowledge to the firm upon her
impending admission in 2023. Letitica is passionate about her heritage and
intends to share her experiences and knowledge with the Indigenous communities.

Letitica’s duties include: –

• supporting legal teams with decisions and strategies; and
• Conducting legal research and offer analysis and interpretation; and
• Preparing briefs, legal documents, reports, and evidence; and
• Performing basic courtroom duties. Attending hearings to take notes and
writing court reports.

Letitica enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and pets. Mrs Horsey is
warm, approachable, and bubbly and we hope to see great things upon her
admission as a Solicitor.